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Assessments, Audits, and Compliance Explained

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Insurance carriers, regulatory agencies, and business partners are continuing to place increasing pressures on small and medium businesses to prove their information security posture.  This often comes in the form of lengthy surveysthat ask questions that are difficult to answer, either because the answers are not always clearor the business hasn’t taken the necessary steps to harden their position.  If you’re facing a the need to conduct an audit of your systems and practices, please read on to learn how On-Site PC Services can help.

On-Site PC’s Assessments, Audits, and Compliance Offering


We provide two different types of assessment services. The first is a professional services engagement based on hourly rates where the scope is determined by the client and the deliverable is a portable, agnostic assessment of their environment with recommendations that can be addressed by most qualified IT and InfoSec providers. The second type of assessment is an informal report and roadmap that we provide as part of our onboarding process for each new managed services client. If you have a need to understand your overall posture and guidance on how to make gradual improvements that fit your budget, we are here to help.


Audits can come in varying size and texture and from almost any direction in today’s competitive landscape. Regardless of their texture, the response process can feel daunting. The professional services team at On-Site PC Services helps our existing clients to answer these audits as part of our enhanced and premium managed services agreements and we also offer these services through discrete billable hour and flat-fee engagements.


Many of our clients conduct business in regulated industries, either bound by regulations themselves or by virtue of providing services to their regulated business partners; gone are the days when businesses are simply trusted on their word as compliant. We understand needs rules related to HIPAA/HITECH, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, and other regulations and we know the policies, procedures, and technical controls that can help you stay within the boundaries of these frameworks.

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