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Virtual CIO Services Explained

Operational support = long term success

Virtual CIO (vCIO) services are your fractional solution to your strategic needs.  We go well beyond the level of expertise available from a PC or helpdesk technician – or even a seasoned IT manager. Our tenured experts have decades of collective experience in focusing on your business needs.  Our premium managed services clients enjoy these benefits to support their ongoing needs. And we offer dedicated fractional support contracts for clients who need either routine or specific guidance for any project.

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On-Site PC’s Virtual CIO Offerings

Included Virtual CIO Services

We provide occasional, as-needed vCIO services to all of our premium managed services clients. This involves answering high-level questions, providing guidance and roadmaps for myriad project needs. And, most importantly, being there in a just-in-time fashion during real emergencies.

Fractional vCIO Contracts

Some of our clients use our vCIO services on a retained basis. Subsequently, our consultants dedicate an agreed block of hours in support of the account each week or month. Those hours can be used for any need the client has. For example long-running/large projects, roadmap implementations, and development of Information Security Programs, among others. We adjust the time provided as the client’s needs ebb and flow. And we do so without the need to adjust the monthly invoice. This is consistent and affordable way to receive the benefit of years’ worth of experience without adding a significant six-figure FTE to the payroll.

Project-Based Executive Leadership

Sometimes you’re faced with a large project that requires a clear level of experience and oversight to make sure it’s done well. In these engagements, we provide a reasonable billable rate based on hours worked or a flat fee. And we own the success of the work. If you have a large project that needs this type of support, please reach out to us for a discussion about how we can help.

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