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Backup & Disaster Recovery – Explained

Operational support = long term success

Backup and Disaster Recovery are both the most boring and the most vital topics of discussion for every business.  Done correctly and within the context of a true Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan, they shouldn’t be set-and-forget in nature.  But most SMBs don’t have the financial or time budget to implement a defensible position for this need, and that’s where On-Site PC Services’ offerings take over.  See below for the details in how we provide the coverage that your business needs without the pain of managing a fully-compliant BC/DR posture by yourself.

On-Site PC’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Offering

Schedules and Retention

The need for backup of business systems requires concerted thought around the need for recovery. These needs are measured in the industry based on Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). The costs related to these decisions can vary, just like how businesses assess their other insurance needs: can you afford to be “down” for a measurable amount of time, and what data can you afford to lose (and have to recreate) when faced with an untimely loss in service? On-Site PC Services helps each of our clients to plan for these unfortunate but foreseeable circumstances by defining these variables and setting up schedules and retention that respect the client’s budget. It’s rare that our clients have to resort to recoverable data stores but, when they do, their operations only suffer as much as they’ve already planned to deal with.

Testing and Validation

Most companies back up their data based on well-thought and -intended plans, but they rarely test the work that they’re paying for every month. A great backup plan is only as good as it can be validated, and the technology that we employ take care of that concern as part of the program. Automated routines confirm the actual restorability of each backup that’s taken, providing reassurance to our clients and their business partners that the client’s intent for continuity and recovery is guaranteed as part of the plan.

Air-Gapped Protection

“Air-gapped” is the holy grail of every backup plan. In the old world, this was accomplished by moving physical media (tapes) to offsite storage facilities on a regular basis. Costly and otherwise burdensome, this practice is no longer viable for most businesses. On-Site PC Service’s backup services use logical barriers between on-premise and various cloud platforms, effectively providing this same air-gapped protection at drastically reduced costs to our clients. Ransomware and other scary threats are no longer an expensive barrier of entry for our clients’ needs.

Workstations, Servers, and the Cloud

Most companies have moved to cloud storage platforms as their standard for storing important company assets. But users’ storage behaviors are hard to change, and cloud data stores promise backup bliss, but in reality don’t cover the comprehensive needs of most businesses. Our full portfolio of offerings covers every possible loss by allowing you to balance your users’ real storage practices with your governance and budget.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Our agents monitor the age, health, geolocation, and general viability of your hardware fleet to support your business needs. We provide quarterly reports with recommendations for fleet replacement that are based not just on assumptions, but on the actual use case scenarios that your users are imparting on the systems they use. If a desktop machine is 6 years old but is only used occasionally and for casual use, you’ll know the difference in that scenario when compared to a power user’s laptop that’s outlived its livelihood after just a few years. We care as much about your budget as we do our own.

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