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Eliminate inefficiencies within the office and improve overall employee productivity…. Our goal at OSPC is to the client with real-time support, maintenance, and consulting that will help to create an environment that is more pro-active opposed to a reactionary IT environment that can lead to loss of data, weaken employee productivity, and overall put the company risk from a security standpoint.


A lot of times there are issues/risks that you are not aware of which can create a number of productivity problems and unknown inefficiencies. Those inefficiencies are only exposed when you have a major system failure, data loss, or virus outbreak. At that point it is too late and the after effect of system failure can cause serious downtime for your organization as you work to recover data or purchase new hardware.


Yes! We will do a full site discovery of your network to examine where some of the nefficiencies lie and propose solutions that not only take care of your immediate risks but also provide solutions that create a solid support structure for the long run.


No. We have been Providing Managed services to clients for 11 years now and our current client retention rate over those years is running well over 98%. Once clients see the true value of our services we don’t really have to hold a client to one or two year contract like some providers require.


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