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VoIP Phone Systems Explained

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Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone systems are not new.  They’ve been around for many years and they’re now used in the majority of small-and-medium and enterprise businesses alike.  The costs of these systems have gone down dramatically as their quality and feature sets have continued to improve to the point where they’ve clearly surpassed the expensive PBX systems of yesteryear.  If you’re still spending a lot on your telephony platform or if you’re interested in upgrading your current VoIP solution to take advantage of better pricing or functionality, please read the details provided below.

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On-Site PC’s VoIP Phone Systems Offering

PrimeVOX – Our Trusted VoIP Provider

Based in the DFW metro and using some of the best technology available, PrimeVOX is a close partner of On-Site PC Services. We have been working together since PrimeVOX’s early days, and we maintain great relationships with their leadership team. Given our history and the majority of our clients who use PrimeVOX, we are your go-to for implementing and supporting this solution.

True Unified Communications

Whether you’re in your office at work, sitting at your home computer, working on your laptop before for a flight, or in the bleachers at the kid’s basketball game, we have you covered. There’s no longer a need to share your personal mobile number with your clients for them to be able to reach you or for you to be able to call them. Adjust your telephony presence to let people know your availability, all without them needing to know your personal business.

Business Number SMS Texting

Many modern service companies rely upon text messaging to keep their customers informed about scheduled appointments, updates to work, and other needs. PrimeVOX subscriptions include unlimited SMS texting as part of every package.

AnswerCARE – Your After-Hours Phone Support

A new service provided by PrimeVOX, AnswerCARE is there to serve your customers’ needs after you go home for the night. AnswerCARE scrubs each caller, making sure only the most critical or in-need customers are escalated to a live on-call employee. The customer is notified the message that they are leaving will be redirected instantly to the on-call staff who will be on the line shortly or will be calling them back (this is all fully customizable to your needs).

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