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O365 and G-Suite Licensing Explained

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License management of cloud server hosting productivity suites is a reality of every business in the modern world.  The most common being Office 365, G-Suite, Azure, and AWS. You can’t survive with these tools, but the licensing and the benefits that they provide are constantly changing.  Providers offer different commitment levels and pricing. In addition, the packages offered aren’t always clear. This is especially true when thinking about longer-term investments you’ve made in infrastructure. And regarding solutions that may soon be outdated. Our expertise in managing these licensing packages often helps our clients. To be specific, they see benefits that they may be missing out on. Or discover features they should be planning for in the overall consciousness of their plans and budget.

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On-Site PC’s Cloud Server Hosting & Management Offering

Office 365 License Selection

There are many offerings within the O365 product family for cloud server hosting. Because of this, choosing the right plan for each of your users is not always simple. While some users only need email and cloud document storage, others need the basic suite of Office applications in addition to email, and still others may need more. For example, advanced Office licenses for additional email storage or large-scale teleconferencing needs. Other applications like Microsoft Project and Visio can be selected for individuals who have unique needs.

Cost Management

Microsoft is constantly changing their pricing and the plans that are available to organizations. These prices depend on size and commitment term. Especially when you can't anticipate either growth or shrinkage in your workforce, it’s easy to pay too much. We help by converting legacy employee mailboxes to free, shared mailbox resources. As a result, you don’t have to maintain monthly licenses after an employee departs. Our access to special pricing and to Microsoft’s roadmap enables us to forecast your spend. Ultimately, we are able to keep you from overpaying for these subscription services.

Full O365 License Management

Procurement of licenses and managing costs are just the start of our O365 managed service. Assigning licenses and applying the right permissions and reassigning licenses can feel like a full-time position within any business. In addition to managing Office application licenses, we provide full support for O365 mailboxes and distribution lists. We also provide full support for Azure directory services for user accounts and group memberships, and multi-factor authentication.

Data Retention and Data Loss Prevention

Especially for clients that operated in regulated industries, data retention is key to staying in compliance. When we manage your O365 environment, we advise on the options in establishing data retention policies and then apply them for you. In addition, we can help you to establish data classification schemes. On top of that, we can set up automated content inspection to warn your users – or absolutely prohibit – the accidental leakage of protected or sensitive information.

G-Suite Management

Google Workspace is the main alternative to O365 used by many organizations. Similar to the license and directory management that we offer in O365, we manage your Workspace environment for you. From setting up email accounts to applying advanced mobile device management policies, we have you covered. We also specialize in migrating email and storage platforms between Google and Microsoft hosted tenants.

AWS Management

We manage AWS server and networking environments for more than 50% of our clients. Whether you have on-premise servers that you’re looking to move into the cloud or if you’ve already moved your workloads there, we have former Amazon AWS employees on-staff. Because of this, we have the expertise to make sure you're covered. Backups to protect against ransomware and other foreseeable incidents are also in our wheelhouse. And they can be configured to balance your needs against your budget. There are so many options to consider when looking at AWS storage, compute, and network options. As a business that’s focused on your front-office operations, your time is valuable. You shouldn’t be spending it trying to stay on top of either security or spend on these efforts.

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