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Managed IT Services Explained

Operational support = long term success

Managed IT Services are your business’s IT-in-a-box solution.  Encompassing elements of several of the other services that we offer, managed IT is all about operational support backed by a real strategy for long-term success.  When you opt for this service, we apply our standards of technology and process to cover all of your IT support needs, from 24×7 helpdesk coverage to asset management to on-premise and cloud network support, all in one price per computer and server that we manage on your behalf.  See below for the details.

On-Site PC’s Managed IT Service Offering

Remote Monitoring and Control

Using agents installed on all of your workstations and computers, we have instantaneous access to and control over your environment. These agents provide us with proactive reports about needs for updates, creating tickets with our helpdesk system that are then followed-up on by our tier 1 and 2 staff members. Wide-swath updates to operating systems, Office applications, Adobe products, and many other software suites are planned and applied on a regular basis to keep your systems secure and current.

Remote and On-Site Support

Helpdesk support is the lifeblood of delivering on your needs. Our service desk is staffed on a 24x7 basis for all of our Premium support clients. When your users contact our helpdesk, they receive prompt service that’s backed by contractual service level agreements (SLAs) around both response and resolution. We are proud to maintain 99%+ compliance of these SLAs across our entire client base and we pay close and constant attention to client feedback to continually improve our service delivery. For clients who only operate and need support during regular business hours, we offer Basic and Enhanced support options to balance budget against needs.

Network Support

Whether your existing equipment is on-site or virtual within the cloud, we manage your network as part of our inclusive Managed IT Service. Routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points are all included. We monitor these systems and their need for patching for vulnerabilities, and we apply updates in a coordinated fashion that meets your business needs in mitigating downtime during operational hours.

Virus and Malware Protection

All of our Managed IT Service clients benefit from at least three (3) layers of security that we mandate on every system we manage – along with our basic monitoring agents, we just can’t do business responsibly without this multi-layered approach. This blanket of coverage starts with traditional, signature-based anti-virus protection and is augmented by protections at networking firewalls and email gateways, and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) technologies and protocols that are supported by real human intervention. Our Advanced Threat Protection package is opted by many clients and it adds several more layers of security without burdening workflows or productivity.

Asset Management

Our agents monitor the age, health, geolocation, and general viability of your hardware fleet to support your business needs. We provide quarterly reports with recommendations for fleet replacement that are based not just on assumptions, but on the actual use case scenarios that your users are imparting on the systems they use. If a desktop machine is 6 years old but is only used occasionally and for casual use, you’ll know the difference in that scenario when compared to a power user’s laptop that’s outlived its livelihood after just a few years. We care as much about your budget as we do our own.

Daily Backups of all Critical Systems

Whether you have servers that are on-premise or in the cloud, our Managed IT Services include managing the backups of these systems. We employ technology that automatically tests the restoration of these backups so that you have the confidence that your data will be there in the event of a true need, and can attest to your insurance carriers and other interested parties to this fact. We regularly perform both full data and item-level restores on behalf of our clients, and we do so in hours, rather than days.

Account Management

The reality is that we’re in constant contact with the majority of our clients’ leadership teams – their business needs evolve even faster than our support of technology, and projects require that close and constant bond. But we also conduct regular account management meetings with all of our Managed IT Services clients to make sure that their needs are being met, that their fleets are serviceable, and that we haven’t missed the news of any update to their business. These monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual meetings are part of our guarantee to client service – it’s all dependent upon each client’s appetite and need for client management.

Strategy and Compliance

Many of our clients operate in regulated industries, where their needs extend beyond just keeping things running. They require a thoughtful application of strategy toward earning and maintaining compliance when audited by their own clients, insurance carriers, or regulatory entities. Maintaining healthy relationships with all of these business partners is vital for our clients to strive and survive and our advice helps to guide their roadmap, avoiding uncomfortable and expensive reactions to ever-changing rules. This basic advice is included in our Managed IT Services offerings, but some of our clients elect to add our Virtual CIO services to their package, where they enjoy the benefit of retained and dedicated hours each month from our VP of Professional Services helping to implement the projects on their roadmap.

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