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Managed IT Support & Services

Suppose you’re looking to hire a professional managed IT service provider for your DFW area business. In that case, On-Site PC Services is here to help.

When you hire us, expect better security and privacy protection. Data is often lost or stolen, and hackers break into the business. We provide the technology to back up data and provide remote security. It will significantly contribute to its security.




Our Managed IT Support Services & Solutions

Managed IT Support Services can help you deal with IT issues for the whole organization or a particular department. It is essential to work with an IT support provider in the Metroplex that are responsive, competent, knowledgeable, and creative.

You can rely on our technicians to resolve technical issues as they occur. Our trained computer specialists can solve any technical problem quickly and accurately.

We offer our clients a wide range of computer services such as:

  • network security
  • email solutions
  • data recovery and data management
  • application and platform support
  • desktop support
  • and network setup and maintenance

Our Managed IT Support Services consists of a fully integrated set of IT solutions. On-Site PC Services provides all the necessary capabilities, certifications, skills, and maintenance and upgrades required to meet your business goals.

Hands Off Managed IT

With the advent of cloud computing, there has been a new trend in managed services called, “Hands Off IT Services“. HANDS-Off is a managed services platform offering customers in DFW on-demand technical support and application deployment.

Outsourcing your IT needs saves costs, time, and staff. This type of managed services also enables customers to choose a specific solution, like software as a service (SaaS), to use for any business need.

We offer various managed services at lower costs, including:

  • deployment management
  • system integration
  • technical assistance
  • troubleshooting
  • and maintenance.

Customers get unlimited technical support and application deployment, with no additional out-of-pocket costs. We can manage your technology infrastructure, including hardware, operating systems, networking, servers, VPNs, security systems, virtualization, memory, processors, input/output devices, etc.

On-Site PC Services offers managed services from highly trained technical experts. Managed IT service providers can deploy, manage and upgrade customer websites in minutes with no IT knowledge required.

Cloud Sync Services

Cloud sync services refer to transferring content from a remote source to a user’s computer using an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Most smartphone and computer users store these files, videos, and documents on their own portable devices. Consequently, their data is also always at significant risk of becoming lost through loss, viruses, or physical damage.

Remote Access to Your Files

File synchronization software allows IT administrators to fully control user data by providing cloud sync services through a web browser. These tools enable users to access their backup folders from any location in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Some examples of files that can be synced include:

  • text
  • email
  • data
  • mobile numbers
  • folders
  • email content
  • notes
  • projects
  • calendars
  • and contact information

One advantage of these backup services is that they can manage several mobile devices, as you can access them in “real-time”. If the individual is not fast enough to get the file to their computer or the right server, then they lose the file, the data, forever. Cloud file syncing services can alleviate this problem by transferring the data immediately when syncing the file.

Cyber Data Security

A cybersecurity administrator is in charge of overseeing computer network security in an organization or business. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the proper protection of a business’s data, networks, and other assets against potential unauthorized access is maintained.

This includes preventing hackers from obtaining information from a company’s computers and networks to use it for personal gain or malicious purposes. Administrators hire On-Site PC Services for cyber data security to concentrate more on threat detection and response instead of straight security.

Good knowledge of the latest tools and skills necessary to defend your company’s computer systems is also an essential aspect of learning about threat detection, prevention, response, and compliance. If you are a North Texas-based company interested in securing your employee’s or customers’ on-going information, then the best professionals to hire are the ones with the knowledge and expertise required for this challenging yet essential job. We follow all best practices of threat detection, response, and compliance.

Exchange Hosting Service

If you are looking for an ideal option to host your business applications and data, Exchange Hosting is one of the best choices.

This service provides you with various benefits such as;

  • high-quality storage
  • data center security
  • managed mail servers
  • and application diagnostics, etc.

We offer you a full range of services that include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting Service
  • Microsoft SharePoint Hosting
  • VPS Hosting Service
  • CRM Server Backup, Placement Program
  • Oracle Mail Order Delivery
  • and a lot more.

One advantage that you can get through Exchange Hosting is the ability to get the servers’ latest price. This is because On-Site PC Services regularly upgrades their server’s technologies and software to provide you the latest service.

We do so to offer you a cost-effective solution that can meet the present-day needs of Dallas-Fort Worth businesses. So, by choosing an esds, you can get the latest price of the server without compromising the app’s performance.

Hardware and Daily Backups

The importance of enterprise-level data backup goes beyond just being able to recover lost data. Hardware and daily backups are also necessary for assuring the security of an organization’s valuable data. With the availability of various software solutions that include a wide variety of tools and utilities, IT administrators can efficiently and effectively implement effective backup policies and procedures to protect companies’ day-to-day operations, large and small.

These IT professionals can also use the services of an on-site or off-site PC repair company in the Metroplex to conduct daily back-ups and restore operations whenever necessary. Among the most popular backup software programs incorporate both hardware and backup media into one convenient package. Many use computer program backup software to back up entire or part of a computer’s data.

Some of these software packages can perform multiple tasks, including:

  • data deduplication
  • schedule automatic backup
  • scheduling and encryption

Some software applications also have advanced features such as:

  • the ability to run the backup software as a scheduled task
  • automatically downloading the needed data to the backup storage devices
  • and setting up automatic network backups

The importance of enterprise-level data backup goes beyond just being able to recover lost data. Hardware and daily backups are also necessary for assuring the security of an organization’s valuable data.

Remote Support and Monitoring

On-Site PC Services serves businesses in DFW that rely heavily on computers for their business operations. Most companies have an onsite computer support team, but the sheer volume of hardware that can be supported on any given day by this team is enormous.

To ensure your business remains up-to-date and that your entire network is running efficiently, remote support software solutions such as Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows XP Ultimate will help you monitor all hardware on your network. You can expect to have alerts sent to your cell phone, pager, or email if anything changes your hardware.

Reduce Overhead Costs

In many cases, even when your business uses an onsite staff for remote support & monitoring, there’s still a tremendous amount of potential for reducing overhead costs. Using offsite technicians to manage your computer hardware allows you to eliminate virtually all hardware and software that you don’t require and yet aren’t necessarily in compliance with Windows XP standards or using the most up-to-date toolsets.

Implementing a remote support software solution provides a cost-saving model for both support and small maintenance. It can result in significant time and money savings over the life of your network.

Desktop Management Tool for Virtual Assistance

By deploying a desktop management tool for remote support, onsite personnel can more readily and accurately perform the necessary network maintenance tasks. We can also perform functions that would be too time-consuming or complicated to perform remotely using remote monitoring tools and software.

Free Up Your Teams Time

Implementing a network security & monitoring solution can help your business save both human resources and operational resources by freeing up onsite technicians for more critical tasks while at the same time making your system more robust and able to resist larger than everyday external threats. By using a ticketing system for remote support, your computer support team will be more effective, as well as more efficient.