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Managed IT Services

When you opt for this service, we apply our standards of technology and process to cover all of your IT support needs.

Cloud Management

Our expertise in managing these licensing packages often helps our clients to see benefits that they may be missing out on.


In the modern computing world a traditional anti-virus solution is insufficient to protect you against even the simplest of threats.

Assessments, Audits, Compliance

If you’re facing a the need to conduct an audit of your systems and practices, please read on to learn how On-Site PC Services can help.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We provide the coverage that your business needs without the pain of managing a fully-compliant BC/DR posture by yourself.

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On-Premise & Cloud Server Support

We can support your on-premise physical and virtual server infrastructure just as well as we can support your needs in the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Video Security

Verkada’s line of hybrid cloud security cameras bring speed and efficiency to incidents and investigations.

Network Support

Many MSPs provide network support as additional line item on the services bill, we include this vital service as part of all managed service agreements.

VoIP Phone Systems

If you’re interested in upgrading your current VoIP solution to take advantage of better pricing or functionality, read more.

Virtual CIO Services

Virtual CIO services are your fractional solution to your strategic needs. Our tenured experts have experience in focusing on your business needs.

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