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Managed IT Support Services for the Financial Services Industry

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The financial services industry is among the most regulated of all in the US market.  We have years of experience with IT solutions for financial services. Whether you’re a wealth advisor, investment firm, or bank, you know these pains.  At On-Site PC we provide managed IT and information security services to many different organizations in your industry and we are familiar with the rules that govern your business.  From protecting sensitive and regulated data, to helping to protect your transactions from wire fraud, to providing secure, encrypted email portals, we have you covered.  Let us focus on the business of IT and security while you keep your eye on the profit. 

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Our Focus on the Needs of IT Solutions for Financial Services

  • Assisting with audit responses to insurance carriers, clients and business partners
  • Providing secure, encrypted email and document sharing portals
  • Securing Wi-Fi networks against advanced threat actors
  • Protecting your business against catastrophic losses of protected data by using industry-leading, air-gapped backup and recovery solutions
  • Offering advice to protect against wire fraud
  • Keeping your practitioners and staff on-guard through planned phishing campaigns and security awareness training
  • Ensuring that the proper retention policies are in place on all of your IT solution systems
  • Helping to implement data classification schemes and data loss prevention (DLP) controls that mitigate accidental leakage (or insider exfiltration)of sensitive transaction data
  • Providing system and process assessments to help you align to best practices and regulatory frameworks
  • Helping to develop defensible Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Plans, Incident Response Plans, and Information Security Programs

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