On-Premise & Cloud Server Support

On-Premise and Cloud Server Support Explained

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Most organizations have some need for a server environment beyond simple storage.  Legacy applications and databases sometimes just aren’t available in any software-as-a-service cloud, or you have needs that are too complex to make these options available.  Some of our clients have a mass of storage that makes cloud options cost-prohibitive, too.  Whatever the reason, we can support your on-premise physical and virtual server infrastructure just as well as we can support your needs in the cloud in AWS or in any infrastructure-as-a-service or co-location footprint.

On-Site PC’s On-Premise and Cloud Server Support Offering

Physical Host and Virtual Guest Management

On-premise hardware is where we started and where we still do a lot of our work. From keeping hardware healthy and under affordable warranty plans, to maintaining firmware on your hosts, to helping to configure and maintain the virtual servers in your hypervised environment, we cover everything under a single, per-server maintenance agreement.

Cloud Server Management

AWS is our specialty in the cloud and we have former AWS employees on staff to assist both in maintaining these environments, and in managing the costs that are associated with this new world of subscription-based computing. We know how to manage your cloud server environments: how to secure them, how to integrate them with Azure Active Directory and Google Workspace, and how to help you spend your storage dollars to keep costs at a minimum.


We provide several backup options for both on-premise and cloud server and storage environments. Whether you’re doing business in a regulated space or just needing to protect against corruption or ransomware, we have the right solution for you. Depending upon your needs, we can place a backup appliance in your environment and make sure that tertiary copies are stored in air-gapped cloud platforms to protect against catastrophic loss. Our team understands how to configure backup schedules that fit your needs and budget, and we can help you devise a business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan that can be enacted if the unexpected occurs.

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