Managed IT Services for Electrical

Managed IT Services For Electrical

We understand your business

Electricians are among the many skilled tradespeople who receive just-in-time help from On-Site PC Services, every day. As yourself these important questions when looking for Managed IT Services for Electrical:

  • Do you routinely find strange and dangerous situations that were caused by another, less-qualified “professional” electrician?
  • Ever seen the aftermath of a fire caused by a homeowner who clearly wasn’t knowledgeable or skilled at running their own 220V circuit?

Here at OSPC, it’s no different.  We know how to design, maintain, and repair IT systems that keep your business running safe and efficient.  Our techs are the experts who know how to do handle the electrician’s equivalents of the IT world:  from diagnosing a cross-wired circuit, to installing a new breaker in the panel, to designing and installing the electrical system for a brand-new home.  We go onsite just like you to be sure we are providing the best customer service possible.

Just like in the electrical world, computer systems require professional expertise to install, maintain, and repair.  Neglecting your IT systems leads to costly emergencies that always happen at the worst time.

We also understand that technology can be difficult in the field, and that when you need help, it’s vital to have a trusted provider on call.  That’s where managed IT services come in – along with the benefits of preventative maintenance and monitoring, our contractual SLAs guarantee that we’ll be there… for whatever and whenever you might need it.

  • Taking on your own IT support is a risk your company shouldn’t have to take.
  • There are plenty of unqualified Managed IT services Electrical providers out there. Our 4.9-star review rating and a continuous flow of client testimonials provide the evidence that you’re in good hands with On-Site PC Services.

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Our Focus on your Needs for Managed IT Services for Electrical

  • Specific knowledge and support for workflow and dispatch systems like Procore, Sage, Bluebeam, Service Titan, Total Office Manager, AutoCAD, and more
  • Advising on developing new workflows using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for your mobile workforce
  • Migrating your legacy applications to cloud environments and software-as-a-service platforms
  • Eliminating unnecessary costs by moving your client documents off of aging onsite servers to O365 and Google Workspace clouds
  • Keeping your tradespeople and staff on-guard through planned phishing campaigns and security awareness training
  • Helping to develop Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plans to protect you against foreseeable natural disasters, pandemics, and ransomware attacks

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