Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions about Managed IT Services

A robust and reliable IT support through managed IT services is paramount in today’s modern business landscape. This team must provide your company’s IT needs, deploy the infrastructure, maintain your hardware and software, fix some technical issues, and ensure ongoing business operations at all times. This is where a managed IT service provider comes into the picture to regulate and maintain a wide range of processes essential to your business operations.

Unfortunately, some myths have circulated about managed IT services, where some companies are quite hesitant to take advantage of their potential benefits. In this article, we’ll debunk five common misconceptions about these services so that you will be more informed:

Myth 1: A business needs to rely on technology alone

When it comes to IT support, it doesn’t solely depend on technology alone. Sure, investing in advanced tools and robust technology can make a huge difference in your continuous business operation. However, you also need a reliable workforce as well as efficient and effective IT solutions set in place. Managed IT services contribute to your overall business success!

Myth 2: Managed IT service providers are all the same

Keep in mind that these services vary from one provider to another. Sure, they may all be focused on providing IT support to companies and organizations, but their specific services are different, where they provide different technologies and use alternative solutions. For this reason, you have to be highly critical in your managed service selection and decision. In the end, you must only hire a service provider that can assess your IT needs and provide you with the right solutions.

Myth 3: A managed service provider will replace your existing IT team

You may currently have a team that oversees your IT implementation and ensures business operations. Managed services may lead you to consider replacing your existing team.  The thing is that you don’t necessarily have to take this step as you still need the core IT team of your business. Your hired help will take care of the rest—from providing technologies down to ensuring consistent IT support.

Myth 4: Managed IT services are only for big-scale businesses

Some people assume that managed services are only for big companies or large organizations. Yes, they may be more relevant as they may have a more complex setup. Big, medium-size or small scale businesses can all benefit from managed IT services. In fact, even a startup will need managed services if it’s looking to set its business on the right footing for long-term growth and success!

Myth 5: Managed IT services are a bit costly 

Many owners and decision-makers have assumed that hiring managed IT services are costly. However, think about the overall cost of hiring in-house IT professionals, adding these employees to the payroll, providing training, investing in technology, and maintaining IT resources. You’ll be surprised at how hiring experienced professionals can be more cost-effective than leaving everything to your IT team. Ultimately, taking this option will pay off in the long run!


At this point, we’ve debunked five common misconceptions about managed IT services. The truth is, they don’t provide technology alone, aren’t all the same, and aren’t necessarily expensive. Likewise, they aren’t for big companies only and meant to replace your existing IT team. With all its valuable perks and benefits, you have all the right reasons to rely on these services for your business!

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