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To keep up with your competitors in today’s business world, you need to use the latest technology. But for a small or medium-sized business, it’s difficult, not to mention frustrating and time-consuming, to keep up with constantly changing hardware and software and provide the support needed to use it. On-Site PC Services is a managed service provider that provides your company an ideal solution: Our managed IT services programs, which give you the support and services you need for all your computers, networks, servers, and more, without the expense of doing it all in-house.


Managed Services
  • 24/7 management and oversight of your critical systems by IT professionals
  • An established monthly rate for all IT services (and no surprise fees)
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Preventive maintenance of your essential servers and networks
  • Support for all your hardware and software

Large organizations have an edge in terms of purchasing power due to economies of scale – they obtain discounts on high-volume orders and use this to get more customers by offering reduced prices. Fortunately, small businesses in DFW can now take advantage of advanced IT systems and technology by working with a managed services company as a way to get back on the playing field and compete at new levels.

At On-Site PC Services, we can implement managed IT services to provide you with all the advantages of in-house IT without the high costs. Our team of managed services engineers and support staff will proactively manage your critical systems and rapidly address any needs you have, giving you the time and energy to focus on getting new leads, closing sales, improving customer relationships and finding new sources of revenue.


With Datto Endpoint Management, you get transparency and to easily visualize all of your IT assets to quickly identify opportunities for action. Set up instant alerts via email as well as automatically creating tickets depending on the severity of the issue or alert. This in turn allows us to be more proactive in our support and stay ahead of issues before they become real problems.

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Flat-Rate, Worry-Free Support Packages 24/7

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