WE’RE MOVING (in July, 2023)!

We’re Moving to Our New Headquarters…soon.

After years of renting our office space in Southlake, we are proud to announce the groundbreaking of our new headquarters in Roanoke!   Designed from the ground-up as a greenfield of IT and Information Security innovation, our new home will continue to support the delivery of the quality service that our clients enjoy, while also enabling the growth of the OSPC team.  OSPC will occupy the largest of the 3 suites but – with almost 5000 sq. ft of space in total – we will have 2 smaller suites to offer for lease.  What could be better than having your IT team right next door?!

 We will keep everyone posted as we progress through the project.  As always, we appreciate each and every client we support, and we’re grateful to have been part of so many shared journeys throughout the years!

See our progress!

our new headquarters in Roanoke